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Dr. Antonio Siber

Institute of Physics
Zagreb, Croatia

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Antonio Siber - AFM

A schematic 3D description of an atomic force microscope (AFM).

"Nanobots killing a virus"

Antonio Siber - Nanobots

Two nanobots in pulmonary alveola killing a virus using nano-lasers.

Atomic structure of diamond

Antonio Siber - Atomic structure of diamond

Atomic structure of diamond. Carbon atoms are represented by spheres and their bonds by cylinders.

"Coral of Atoms"

Antonio Siber - coral of atoms

A small coral of atoms (blue, perhaps assembled using the tip of atomic force microscope) on an face-centered-cubic surface.


Antonio Siber - graphene

Atomic structure of graphene, a planar structure in graphite.


Antonio Siber - graphite

Top-down look at graphite. Neighboring graphene planes are colored differently (red and black).


Antonio Siber - optic

Nanometric two-dimensional structures found in eyes of some insects (natural photonic crystal).

"Tube Sea"

Antonio Siber - Tube Sea

Artistic view of a zig-zag carbon-nanotube-like structure submersed in the sea. Reminiscent of the might of the constructions of Mother Nature.

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