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Antibodies, Inc & Evident Technologies News

Antibodies, Inc. To Produce Quantum Dot Conjugates For Biological Research Using Evident Technologies’ Evitags®

Ready-to-use, Cutting Edge Fluorophores Advance Lab Bench Applications

Antibodies, Inc Evident Technologies

Davis, CA, USA. April 1st, 2004

Antibodies Incorporated, Davis, Calif., announced today that they are immediately commencing shipment of quantum dot-based secondary antibody, Streptavidin, Protein A and Protein G conjugates as well as launching a custom quantum dot conjugation service. Using EviTags® from Evident Technologies, Inc., these conjugates will be made ready-to-use for researchers in biology, life-sciences, drug discovery, disease diagnostics, proteomics, and genomics.

Traditionally, fluorescent organic dye conjugates serve as the workhorses for biotechnology research and diagnostics. These conjugates make it possible to locate, quantify, and identify proteins and genes that are the key to furthering understanding in many life science applications.

“We are excited by the performance of EviTags and are pleased to offer these next-generation quantum dot based conjugates to our university research and biotech industry customers,” said Richard Krogsrud, Ph.D., CEO of Antibodies. “Evident Technologies’ new quantum dot technology, combined with our 42 years of experience in secondary and custom polyclonal antibodies, makes for some exciting new products.”

“Our EviTags attached to antibodies offer distinct advantages over traditional organic fluorophores, including greatly improved photostability, color multiplexing, and single-source excitation,” said Clinton Ballinger, Ph.D., CEO of Evident Technologies, based in Troy, N.Y. “All of these attributes make quantum dots a breakthrough technology for biological applications.”

Michael DeVincenzo, Esq., Evident Technologies’ Internal Intellectual Property Counsel, commented: “Quantum dots were discovered over 20 years ago, and researchers from around the world have been developing the technology ever since. Finally, the technology has been brought to commercialization, and we are proud to offer new products for the world’s researchers. The future promises to be exciting and we expect these products to enable numerous unforeseen biological applications.”

Quantum dot conjugates are the next stage in the evolution of biotechnology research tools and offer improved photostability, single source optical excitation, and a multiplicity of tunable narrow-band emission colors that span the visible and infrared spectrum. With these attributes, researchers can perform more tests, see more details in cells and have freedom to perform long-term imaging.

About Antibodies, Inc.

Antibodies Incorporated was founded in 1960 to provide essential products for the growing immunology market. The company maintains a high quality policy, which consistently passes the FDA, USDA and NIH standards and recently was certified by BSI, Inc. for ISO 13485.

Antibodies Incorporated is owned and operated by employees who have many years of experience in animal care, antiserum production, immunochemistry and related services applicable to aiding the academic or industry research scientist to save time and money in pursuit of their scientific goals. Having developed and manufactured our own diagnostic kits for many years has given us experience that is highly regarded in developing new assays and for contract manufacturing. For more information, visit

About Evident Technologies

Evident Technologies is the premier commercial source for semiconductor nanocrystals, otherwise known as quantum dots. The quantum dots are high-precision nanoscale semiconductors that are engineered to meet the needs for new nanomaterials in biotechnology, spectrally coded taggants, next-generation phosphors, photovoltaics, light emitting diodes (LED), lasers, photonics, and many other applications. At Evident Technologies, we provide unprecedented freedom to engineer optical and electronic properties for application needs. Call Evident when nature limits your application performance. For more information, visit


Steven Talbot
Chief Marketing Officer
Evident Technologies
216 River Street, Troy NY 12180
Tel: (518) 273-6266
Fax: (518) 273-6267

Reprinted with premission. Copyright Antibodies, Inc & Evident Technologies

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