I just finished reading Douglas Mulhall's outstanding new book "Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World", and I highly recommend it.

Mulhall clearly states a case about how molecular scale engineering [AKA nanotechnology], has the potential to save humankind from global catastrophe, both self inflicted and naturally occurring, and he does so without the use of hyperbole and inflated claims.

From super volcanos [like the one under Yosemite] and nuclear winter inducing asteroid strikes, to tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and drought, mature MNT has the potential to protect us by both forecasting and mitigating -if not eliminating- their devistating effects.

In an easy to read format, with very few forays into geek-speak, Mulhall presents his well considered and thoroughly researched theories.

Overall, an excellent overview for those who wish to understand how disruptive and enabling technologies may save us from ourselves and from mother nature. And along the way you will learn a lot about how nanoscale technologies may enhance our lives, provide abundance for all, and greatly raise the standard of living for everyone.

The logical successor to: Engines of Creation, Unbounding the Future, Nanosystems, and Nano: The Emerging Science of Nanotechnology

Rating:   Put this one at the top of your list!

And be sure to check out his latest book "Has Heart Disease Been Cured?" Coauthored with Katja Hansen, with whom he has collaborated on two other books. See http://www.calcify.com/ for details.

Rocky Rawstern
Editor Nanotechnology Now

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