buckyball C60
Copyright Oliver Kreylos, Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing (CIPIC), University of California, Davis.

Oliver asked us to include a disclaimer, about his image: "The image does not show a real Bucky Ball, not even a scientifically exact representation of one. I created a fake Bucky Ball dataset for a visualization class I took in Spring 2000 by placing "atoms" at positions I figured should be the correct ones - actually, I used the vertex positions of a Catmull-Clark subdivided dodecahedron. This is true to the spirit of J. Buckminster Fuller, but might not accurately represent chemical structure (I'm not in chemistry and have no clue). It definitely looks right, but experts might pick out it's not."

For purposes of illustrating the general shape, we think it is fine. And thanks to Oliver for the approval to use his work! smiley face [ed]