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The Atkinson-Phoenix Nanotech Debate - Page 5 - Emails

Commentary text by Chris Phoenix, except where otherwise noted. [Bracked Italics] indicates a correction. Italics used on text indicates a comment taken from an earlier email, written by the other person.

Last update: December 05, 2003.

Page 1: Overview
Page 2: Emails through June 27, 2003
Page 3: Emails through July 14
Page 4: Emails through August 4
Page 5: The wrap-up

October 24, from Chris Phoenix to Bill Atkinson
Subject: Current status?

I sent you my latest sally in the debate a couple of months ago, and haven't heard anything since.

We haven't even gotten around to talking about the possibilities of integrating and controlling large systems. My paper on this topic has just been published at the Journal of Evolution and Technology:

I went to the Foresight conference a couple weeks ago. People from a diversity of technical backgrounds thought it reasonable to say that MNT would likely happen between 2010 and 2015 in China.


October 30, from Bill Atkinson to Chris Phoenix
Subject: Summary To Date
Hi Chris,

Many apologies for the delay - Hellzapoppin' around here with family matters. But looks like things are smoothing out now. I'm planning a follow-on to Nanocosm, more technical and with less opinion. ('Hooray', do I hear you say?) I want to focus on real and possible applications to warfare - not just weapons but surveillance, encryption, logistics, the whole farm. And this time I want to interview folks like yourself, with far-reaching ideas...That's how much you've persuaded me. Interested in an interview?

As for the A-P Debate, I've been considering it; and I'm all written out there - nothing more I can think of to say. Last word to you, and thanks for a great exchange of ideas. I had a teacher in high school who used to say that if you and I each had a dollar and swapped, we'd still each have a dollar. But if we did that with ideas, we'd each have two ideas. So thanks again. You've enriched me.

October 31, from Chris Phoenix to Bill Atkinson
Subject: Re: Current status?

I'm very interested in an interview. And very glad to hear that our debate was enriching to you. I suspect that I'll manage to talk about integrating and controlling large systems while discussing MNT-fabricated weapons. :-)

I'd like to cap the debate pages online, rather than leaving them hanging. Mind if I add the two emails below as a fitting conclusion?

October 31, from Bill Atkinson to Chris Phoenix
Subject: Sayonara!

Add 'em, with this signoff: Interesting that Bill Gibson (my fellow US ex-pat and Vancouverite) foresaw Chinese ascendancy in advanced technology as far back as 1984, with Neuromancer. He imagined Intrusion Countermeasures, Electronic (ICE); but it may well be MNT. We'll see. I hope we like the result.
Best til next time -


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