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Nanotechnology Now has commissioned papers on a wide range of topics related to nanotechnology. These papers are accessible to laymen and non-specialists. They serve as an introduction to new technologies, and describe how they can and will change our lives.

We will cover ethics, investing, the impact of technology, government policy, patent issues, a day in the life of Jane Q. Public in 2025, ubiquitious computing, relinquishment, beanstalks, diamondoid assemblers, virtual reality, quantum computers, medical nanobots, environmental cleanup, grey goo, and much more.

Many of the papers are free. These will generally be preludes to more extensive papers on the same subject, available at a small fee. All abstracts are free.

In the next few weeks we will add a feedback mechanism (sort of like Slashdot), so that you can discuss the papers online. For now, you can email your feedback to the .

We currently have 3 papers (3 free). The most recent one was added 12/17/2002.

Chris Phoenix Three Systems Of Ethics For Diverse Applications    Read Full Paper    View Abstract  
Summary: Any organization must choose its system of ethics carefully to fit the problem being addressed.  A new Information system has appeared in the last half-century, creating possibilities beyond the two traditional systems, Guardian (governmental) and Commerc

Chris Phoenix Ten-Year Assembler Timeline and Weather Forecast    Read Full Paper
Summary: Like most things in nanotech, assemblers are a big topic.  Is an assembler even possible?  What do we need to do to develop them?  Who is working on them?  When will we have them?  And what will we be able to do with them?

Chris Phoenix Ethical Administration of Nanotechnology    Read Full Paper    View Abstract  
Summary: Nanotechnology will create too many benefits and problems to be administered by any one organization or system of rules. This paper surveys the various types of institutions that will be needed and the issues each can address, and recommends the creation of a specific nanotechnology infrastructure so that all institutional types can work together.

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