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Home > Press > OCSiAl’s world first: capability for unlimited, low-cost production of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes announced at Institute of Materials: Introducing TUBALL® OCSiAl: carbon nanotube modifier that enhances a broad range of materials’ performance

OCSiAl, an international technology firm headquartered in Luxembourg with manufacturing operations in Novosibirsk, Russia, unveiled a breakthrough technology for the production of single wall carbon nanotubes (‘SWCNTs'), which enables large scale, commercial production of SWCNT for the first time. Carbon nanomaterials, studied by thousands of researchers and companies around the world, continue to hold the promise to usher in a new era of materials technology.

OCSiAl’s world first: capability for unlimited, low-cost production of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes announced at Institute of Materials: Introducing TUBALL® OCSiAl: carbon nanotube modifier that enhances a broad range of materials’ performance

London, UK | Posted on May 20th, 2014

Estimated production of the SWCNTs is 1 ton for the first year, which doubles current global production levels according to different estimates. Potential annual capacity of OCSiAl production is currently 10 tonnes. This method is easily scalable and capable of producing an unlimited quantity of SWCNTs at a very low cost. With this production volume and ultimately the quality of the end product, OCSiAl technology is poised to improve many of the products the world relies on, from better batteries to more durable tyres.

The announcement of the new synthesis process was made at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining by OCSiAl spokesmen Yuri Koropachinskiy, President, and Mikhail Predtechenskiy, Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the new synthesis method on 12 May. Unlike all the current technologies, OCSiAl's production method rests on notable findings in plasma chemistry and physics, combining to produce high-performance synthesis of SWCNTs, allowing literally unlimited output and unrivalled low production costs.

The world's first nanotechnology company, Zyvex Technologies, has already begun integrating OCSiAl nanomaterials into their products. "The use of SWCNTs could open the door to fundamental change in many industries, but there has always been an invincible obstacle: SWCNTs were only available in small quantities at sky-high prices, and quality wasn't guaranteed. OCSiAl helps make nanotechnology applicable for many companies desperate for a commercially viable materials innovation," said Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies.

The output, ‘as produced,' will be sold under the brand name TUBALL®, yielding 75% and more of top quality SWCNTs, with all impurities of catalyst particles encapsulated in carbon shells. The content of free metal particles does not exceed 1%. Numerous laboratory and industrial tests proved TUBALL®'s ability to serve as a first universal additive, enhancing mechanical strength and the thermal and electrical conductivity of materials, such as composites, polymers, rubbers, metals, batteries, transparent conductive films and many others. Significant improvements in performance of these and other materials are observed upon the addition of 0.001%-0.1% weight of TUBALL®.

Yuri Koropachinskiy said, "The unique combination of technical properties makes TUBALL® a sort of high-tech panacea which can drastically improve any known material's properties even if added in very-low-quantities. By introducing TUBALL® OCSiAl sets a standard for a whole new product class that was never seen before. These are premium quality single wall carbon nanotubes supplied in sufficient amounts at commercially viable terms." He added, "If single wall carbon nanotubes were discovered today they would have been called graphene tubes."

Free samples of TUBALL® can be ordered now and shipped from OCSiAl stockhouses in Europe, Asia and the US. The commercial price for TUBALL® starts from $2000 per kg. Another OCSiAl presentation will be held in one weeks' time at the meeting of the SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Issued by Peregrine Communications on behalf of OCSiAl


About OCSiAl
OCSiAl is an international technology firm with operations in Russia, USA, UK, Germany, South Korea and headquartered in Luxembourg. Along with TUBALL®, the raw ‘as produced’ SWCNT material, OCSiAl also offers specially purified (up to 99% of SWCNT) and modified nanotubes and master batches. Having already stockpiled a large reserve of carbon nanotubes, OCSiAl has agreed terms with a number of international partners for joint product development and has signed, or is about to sign, such agreements with some well-established design and technology firms. OCSiAL welcomes new partners to get in touch via website.

About Mr Yuri Koropachinsky, President, OCSiAl Group

Yuri Koropachinskiy is one of the founders and Chairman of the Board of OCSiAl, a high tech company producing single wall carbon nanotubes and conducting extensive R&D in nanotubes application. He has a significant track record of establishing and running business in tech&production being a successful investor with proven managerial skills. Prior to his business career Yuri was involved in scientific research working for the Siberian branch of Academy of Science of the USSR. Yuri launched his first venture company in the early 1990-s. After a very successful exit from one of his investments in 2004 (a farm machinery business which grew to become a company with $ 230 million turnover and 20,000 employees) he set up an industrial investment structure ( which funds promising high-tech startups, and since 2012 focuses on carbon nano materials. This led to the creation of OCSiAl - a business developing technologies and financing the industrial production of carbon nanotubes and other carbon nano materials for the modification of polymers, composites, rubbers, and other commonly used materials.

About Mikhail Predtechensky

Mikhail Predtechensky is a member of the Board of Directors and one of the founders of OCSiAl, also Chief Technology Officer of the company. He is the author of the technology for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes, implemented by OCSiAl. He also leads R&D projects related to various applications of CNT. Mr Predtechensky is an acknowledged specialist in the areas of the synthesis of nano materials, energetics, mechanics, thermal physics and plasma physics. His key inventions include the plasma-chemical reactor, the solder jet technology, a method of coal preparation, solid oxide fuel cells and others. Mr Predtechensky is a graduate of the Novosibirsk Electro-Technical Institute (Novosibirsk State Technical University). He is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Author of more than 200 scientific publications and patents.

About SWCNTs

SWCNT have some exceptional technical characteristics that make nanotubes a perfect modifier to almost all materials. They are 20 times stronger than steel, have a large surface area (400 m2/g) and incredible aspect ratio of up to 3 000 000 length to diameter. SWCNT also work as the most efficient conductor known, due to high electrical and thermal conductivity (107 A/cm2 and 3500 W/K*m respectfully). In contrast to all known modifiers to materials the concentration of SWCNT in initial material remains negligible, causing totally new changes in a material at the same viscosity.

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Daniel Jason
Peregrine Communications
Direct: +44 (0) 203 178 2496

Edward Jenkins
Peregrine Communications
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