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Xanofi, a nanotech company specializing in nanofiber applications, announces a new platform for nanofiber production with their commercial XanoShear™ machine. The world's first production unit is now fully operational and currently being optimized for high yield production.

Xanofi Announces First Commercial XanoShear™ Nanofiber Machine

Raleigh, NC | Posted on November 16th, 2012

The machine is a unique high yield, liquid-based platform for nanofiber production - a radical departure from meltblowing and electrospinning, the previous production methods. XanoShear™ is a new paradigm in nanofiber production - both in terms of yield as well as integration into commercial manufacturing. Xanofi now offers its clients a full range of services from research and product development through full commercial production.

The key to XanoShear™ is liquid - while other technologies produce dry, continuous fibers, XanoShear™ produces staple fibers that can disperse in water and integrate into existing production environments. The Company has successfully produced products via wet lay manufacturing and isdeveloping both wet and dry spraying capabilities. Several applications in medical, filtration, acoustics and energy have already successfully incorporated nanofibers using XanoShear.

The XanoShear platform also has many other advantages - high scalability, ability to functionalize fibers at full production speeds with particles or coatings, and a closed system that uses less energy without the discharge of any materials into the environment for "green" manufacturing.

"Until today, the nanofiber industry only had two platforms for nanofiber production, meltblowing and electrospinning. Today the world has an exciting new choice - XanoShear - that opens up new applications for nanofibers and achieves new financial metrics for products " states Miles Wright, Xanofi CEO.


About Xanofi
Xanofi, a nanotech company specializing in production of nanofibers, has changed the global landscape on how nanofibers are manufactured with a new platform process that is highly efficient and easy to integrate into production environments. Using a patented technique called XanoShear™, this scalable Xanofi process will produce nanofibers at lower cost and significantly higher yields than current methods. This game-changing technology will enable many more industrial and consumerproducts to reach the market sooner.
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Kevin Rudolph
Director of Strategic Alliances

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