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April 11th, 2011

Painting a GREEN tomorrow with Nano-Paints

With the many advantages of nano-materials coming to the fore every day, paint manufacturers are replacing conventional paints with those made from nano-particles. They are found to increase scratch resistance, have water repellency properties, provide UV protection, improve durability and have self-cleaning and anti-microbial properties..

The application of these paints promises to achieve better energy ratings for buildings, better indoor air quality and fewer allergy-related illnesses than the conventional paints, which are usually composed of toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Nanotechnology has helped in development of non-toxic coating systems, which not only stop the appearance of algae and fungal growth but also destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria that are commonly found in hospitals.

The growing awareness of reducing carbon footprints and improve energy costs has led to a widespread use of nano-paints, which are eco-friendly, cost-effective and healthy for the people and environment right now as well as in the future. Thermal insulating paints reduce the amount of heat penetrating into the buildings, thus keeping the inner environments cool and reducing the load on air conditioning systems. This in turn contributes greatly in reducing the world carbon output, thus enabling us to take effective steps towards fighting global-warming.


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