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MyOmega 3-way pain relief
MyOmega 3-way pain relief

A new topical formula for treatment of pain flares and chronic pain conditions is now available direct from the manufacturer. Concept Laboratories combines the best in natural pain relief ingredients with a nanotechnology breakthrough that provides cooling comfort for fibromyalgia, arthritis and even intense gout flares ( The new brand, MyOmega 3, is a deep penetrating topical pain spray and cream that relieves targeted inflammation and pain for 6 + hours per application.

Introducing the First Timed-Release Topical Pain Treatment that's Powerful Enough to Treat Arthritic Gout Pain

Chicago, IL | Posted on January 26th, 2011

In 2010, Concept Laboratories took pain relief research a giant step beyond oral pain relief prescription drugs and traditional OTC pain products. A team of in-house chemists discovered that the effects of topical pain relievers are substantially enhanced by the use of timed- release nanotechnology and the world's first timed-release topical pain relief product--was born. MyOmega offers a breakthrough, sustained, pain relief ingredient delivery system that targets specific pain areas with FDA-approved ingredients like Menthol, Camphor and Capsaicin. This cutting edge topical pain treatment is drug-free and offers a balanced blend of hot and cool acting ingredients for easy pain management even with serious gout pain flares or chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

How does it work? A nanotechology breakthrough called Icepearls delivers timed-release nano-particals of proven natural pain relievers.

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Each nanosphere within the Icepearls system has a designed-in release time. Some nanospheres are activated immediately when a MyOmega 3 cream, rub or spray is applied to a target pain area, releasing a complex of pain relief ingredients . Other nanospheres are encapsulated within microspheres which have individualized release barriers of varying thicknesses. When the time-based barriers dissolve, new pain relief ingredients are released to the target pain area. The process is continual and fully effective for up to 6 hours.

A 12-year Harvard Medical Study gives a thumbs up to milk as part of a recommended gout diet. It is certain that nutrition plays a significant role in contributing to a gouty attack. Certain foods can cause an elevation of uric acid levels thereby provoking a gouty attack. They include excessive amounts of alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, anchovies, asparagus, legumes, mushrooms, and meats, especially organ meats, and shellfish. Other instigators of gout are surgery, injury, use of antibiotics, vitamin B5 deficiency, and chemotherapy. Any cause of potassium loss, such as surgery, fasting, and diuretic use, may trigger gout as well.

Rapid weight loss or fasting can cause excess lactic acid buildup, which hinders uric acid excretion by the kidneys thereby triggering a gout attack. Dieting may also cause a loss of potassium, which can increase urate levels in the blood. Some dieters also use diuretics which can deplete the body of potassium and other minerals, triggering a gout attack.

There is a long list of what to avoid in controlling the onset of gout attacks but treating a raging gout flare is really a matter of proactive choices. In 2011, MyOmega 3 is the leading edge treatment for acute pain flares and chronic pain conditions and it's available direct from the laboratory to the consumer. It offers 2 types of pain relief products for deep penetrating topical treatment of chronic pain conditions and acute injuries. Each product features the MyOmega breakthrough timed-release nanotechnology.

1. Penetrating Heat Therapy Cream is a Capsaicin-based cream that is especially effective for arthritis and deep muscle pain. Capsaicin has been scientifically and clinically shown to gradually deplete Substance P, the chemical in the body that creates the sensation of localized pain. Unlike oral pain relievers, which often lead to an increased tolerance to the treatment, Capsaicin is the only pain-relieving agent that actually works better over time and aids long-term healing. Learn about herbal ingredients at

2. In addition to the Capsaicin-based formula, Concept Labs also developed a Menthol and Camphor-based formula with two different application methods: a Triple Strength Pain Relief Rub and a Targeted Relief Spray. The nano-encapsulated spray is useful for pain sufferers who are unable to reach painful areas such as their back or feet or for untouchable gout pain areas. The MyOmega formula includes Omegas 3, 6 and 9, derived from the Brazilian Ašai berry, which provide a silky, luxurious feeling and a high level of antioxidants.

When treating severe gouty-arthritis, it's best to use Myomega pain relief products in conjunction with diet adjustments. MyOmega offers access to gout diet help and research tips on it's gout therapy website:

Gout, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Flare Relief: MyOmega timed-release nanotechnology provides cooling relief that helps relieve gout and fibromyalgia pain spikes as well as Lupus downs. The menthol/camphor/omega based rub and spray works all through the night to provide a relaxing sleep aid that helps you wake refreshed.

Arthritis & Acute Injury Pain Relief: gout is an extremely painful form of curable arthritis. Capsaicin has been laboratory and clinically proved to help heal inflammation and damage in arthritic joints. Timed-release capsaicin is even better when combined with powerful omegas. A continual six hour release of Nano-Icepearl particles of pain relief ingredients released provide deep penetrating pain relief that actively attacks inflammation and helps repair inflammed pain areas. MyOmega Heat Therapy Cream provides long-action pain relief action for topical treatment of arthritis and acute injury pain.

For more information on MyOmega brand and products review:

For information on bulk purchases, executive interviews, b2b laboratory services and private labeling, please call Mike Fleming at 866.312.7744


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