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On Day two of the 3rd Bangalore Nano organized by The Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka under the guidance of Vision Group on Nanotechnology, featured a session on Nano Medicine. The session was chaired by Prof. Shantikumar Nair - Director, Amrita Center for Nanosciences.

Nano Medicine: Treating Cancer Sans Side-effects

Bangalore | Posted on December 9th, 2010

Dr. Avinash Pandey - Professor & Head, Nanotechnology Application Centre, University of Allahabad. Speaking on the latest developments in the field of nanomedicine, Dr. Avinash Pandey's topic was Towards Table Top MRI Theragonostics: efficacy of functionalized Nano-sized MRI contrast. He described how existing formulations of Gd-DTPA can be modified to Gd2S3.En3+ to act as Luminiscent Magnetic Quantum Dots (LMQD)to enhance the contrast in MRI imaging. Newly synthesized nanoparticles have the capability to cross the brain bold barrier, a fact that will lead to tremendous innovations in the field of medicine. With theragnostics, it will become possible to use the same particles for diagnosis and therapy.

Dr. Rinti Banerjee, Professor, Bioengineering Group, IIT, Bombay. Title: Lipid and Biopolymeric Nanoparticles in Therapeutics Dr. Banerjee spoke on the tremendous potential of Lipid and Biopolymeric Nanoparticles as they offered a combination of hyperthermia and drug delivery. Various innovations in nanomedicine have helped combat drug resistant cancer cells eg. Nanocochleates help in oral delivery of peptides and vaccines, nanovesciles improve distribution, surface active nanovesicles that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Other applications include aerosols for respiratory disorders for neonatal and adults.

Amarnath Maitra: INAS Senior Professor, Deptt. of Chemistry, Univ. of Delhi. Title: Enzyme loaded hollow gold nanoparticles have potential applications in Cancer Nanotechnology, Continuous exposure to chemotherapy has long term and wide-ranging side effects. Dr. Maitra spoke on the capabilities of hollow gold nanoparticles as carriers for enzymes as they are robust, biocompatible and ultra small in size. These are also easily eliminated from the body, thus reducing the risk of interrupting metabolic activities. As the work is still in experimental stages, the results on human experiments is still awaited. Dr Maitra concluded that if instead of treating only the cancer cells, the cancer inducing stem cells are targeted, the disease can be treated effectively.

Dr. K. Manzoor, Professor, Amrita Center for Nanosciences,Kochi. Title: Theragonistic nanomedicines targeted to aberrant pathways in cancer. Theragonistic nanomedicines offer a wide range of advantages as compared to traditional medicines in treating cancer. These nanoparticles have simultaneous detection and treatment potential and allow for concomitant determination of agent localization, release and treatment efficacy analysis. Incorporating multiple nanodrugs in a single carrier will help overcome all the problems being faced by traditional methods of cancer treatment. The special properties of nanoparticles like flouroscence, magnetic resonance, near Infra red etc. help in working with these materials for innovations in the field of medicine.


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