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The Market Compliance Committee of INSCX exchange (Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange) issues a call to third party vendors in logistics (road, rail, maritime and air), and physical storage to apply to the exchange for approval as authorised providers of third party services to customers of the exchange.

Third Party vendor (SHE) Accreditation

UK | Posted on November 4th, 2010

"We invite global logistics and storage vendors to apply to the exchange to become accredited to Nanomaterials Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) industry standard in order to ensure vendor and worker competence and safety in the safe handling, transportation and downstream audit sequencing of engineered nanomaterials."

Vendors accredited to (SHE) standard will be recommended to exchange customers as providers of approved services.

A fee of GBP£10,000 pounds per vendor will be levied to process administration and (SHE) Accreditation Audit cost to inspect and pass competent any vendor as an Approved provider.

This cost will apply in the case of a vendor operating as a commercial concern where annual turnover exceeds GBP£10,000,000 per annum in respect of a private entity, and/or the vendor in constituted as a public listed company listed on a recognised investment exchange (RIE).

Applications in the first instance should be made to:

Market Compliance Committee
Vendor Services
INSCX exchange
Knights llp
United Kingdom

+ 44 (0) 1782 349 532 FAO: David Miller, Counsel INSCX exchange

Global Insurers

Global insurance underwriters are invited by INSCX exchange to extend Commercial, Political, Financial and Contingency risk coverage to exchange listed physical delivery contracts pertaining to engineered nanomaterials in return for agreed premium to be levied on counterparties at the point of trade for reimbursement to the providing insurance underwriter.

"INSCX have established definitive lines of contact with insurance syndicates in the City of London to this end, and invite insurers domiciled outside of the European Union to provide tariff to the exchange in respect of contracts where physical supply and/or delivery will occur outside of the EU area."

INSCX exchange provides global insurers with the opportunity to further enhance premium revenues through the development by the exchange of a defined self-regulatory structure in the allocation of nanomaterials throughout the supply chain to end product, device or object. The process in itself will enable global insurers already exposed to potential source of risk to identify using the exchange supports of Downstream Audit Sequencing, defined material specifications and valuation a factual beginning and end pertaining to the role acted by parties defined as Upstream/Downstream commercial interest in engineered nanomaterials, where such materials have been supplied and/or procured through the exchange process.

"Not only will this process assist further the commercial case for compliant exploitation of nanomaterials providing official regulation agencies with a central referencing, the process empowers global insurers to actually identify potential risk points in nanomaterials from source to end product, providing a practical means and financial incentive for insurers to consider engaging in support of compliant commercialisation."

Insurers responding to the invite are advised in the first instance to register their interest with the exchange Board of Governors, marked for the attention of Mr Colin Howard, Board member INSCX exchange, lead consultant to UNCTAD. The email point of contact is


For more information, please click here


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