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Compact design offers multi-channel performance

New Elsys Instruments Transient Recorders Merge High-speed with High-precision and Long Memories

Monroe, NY | Posted on November 3rd, 2010

Elsys Instruments, a leading manufacturer of custom and standard fast, high-precision data acquisition systems, has expanded its family of LAN-controlled transient recorders to include several high speed modules that offer sampling speeds of 240 MS/sec or 120 MS/sec at 14-bit or 16-bit vertical resolution. The new compact TPCX-24014 and TPCX-12014 series combine Elsys' unique measurement precision featuring vertical and offset accuracy specified at 0.1% of full scale (typically 0.07% after auto- or induced calibration) with exceptionally increased sampling speeds.

Housed in a single-width PCI slot, the new transient recorders feature analog bandwidth at Nyquist frequency of 120 MHz for 240 M/sec versions and 60 MHz for 120 M/sec versions. They are ideal for a diverse range of power measurement applications including inverters, frequency converters, engine control and medical device testing.

Specialty applications include ballistics and explosive tests, acoustic emissions, ultrasonic testing, fluorescence and phosphorescence decay studies and particle accelerator control.

The TPCX-24014 and TPCX-12014 series were designed for application flexibility. The new modules feature four single-ended channels that can be switched into two true, fully differential channels. Four differential channel recorders are obtained by mechanically and electrically integrating a pair of two-channel differential units.

Standard acquisition memory length on the new units is 32 Mpoints/channel with an optional 128 Mpoints/channel available for increased digital bandwidth so that signals may be sampled proportionally faster for the same event duration.

The new data acquisition units offer many sophisticated features such as a large input voltage range of up to 100 V and an offset range of up to FSR on all sensitivity settings, 50 Ohm and 1 Mega Ohm inputs, advanced trigger capabilities with external trigger inputs, programmable anti-aliasing filters, ICP current supply for piezoelectric sensors and digital input markers.

Each input channel can be individually triggered, a feature unique to Elsys recorders. For example, four full trigger circuits are available on a four-channel recorder to obtain logic triggering such as "AND" and "OR." However, synchronization can be established as well with many associated channels. Advanced trigger modes include slew rate, pulse width, pulse pause, period, missing event, window in, window out as well as the usual edge pos/neg triggering, with trigger hysteresis values set by the user.

The TPCX-24014 and TPCX-12014 provide unprecedented flexibility in configuring unique solutions for individual measurement needs. Several data acquisition modes are featured, including scope mode, similar to an oscilloscope, that enables the quick configuration of the acquisition parameters before working in a different mode or simply the ability to visualize and analyze single-shot events.

In continuous mode (data recording, writing or streaming), data is acquired and written onto the internal hard disk at a maximum total data transfer rate of up to 50 Mbytes/sec with no loss of data or dead times between events. The capture length is limited only by the size of the hard disk.

Block mode divides the available onboard data acquisition memory into absolute or relative time-stamped blocks, especially useful for capturing signal bursts where only relevant data needs to be recorded. Dead time between blocks is in the range of a few sample intervals.

As the most sophisticated data acquisition mode available, event controlled recording (ECR) mode is ideal for trouble-shooting applications. ECR mode requires a trigger event, but eliminates the dead time between triggers using an overlapping technique of adjacent acquisitions. The time stamped events are recorded first in the onboard memory, which uses a ring-buffer architecture, and then written off to the internal hard drive. As long as the streaming rate keeps up with the data trigger rate, this mode can run for a very long time or until the hard drive is full.

The small footprint of the new TPCX products, when used in Elsys' TraNET FE and TraNET EPC main frames, offer unique high speed, high channel density. Elsys' supporting software, TransAS 3, controls one or several TraNET systems via 1 Gbit Ethernet. Its server/client operation enables the systems to be employed in mobile and remote environments.

Pricing starts at $12,400 for a 4-channel TPCX-24014 and at $11,450 for a 4-channel TPCX-12014. Delivery is six weeks ARO.

For additional information, visit or contact Klaas Vogel, Elsys Instruments, 234 Cromwell Hill Road, Monroe, NY 10950; email: phone: 845-238-3933.


About Elsys Instruments
Since 1980, Elsys Instruments has developed and manufactured highly precise and high resolution data acquisition equipment that focuses on fast sampling rates. With instruments providing high precision at <0.1% or better, on range and off-set as well as LAN connectivity and long-term real-time data acquisition, Elsys is sought out by its customers in fields as diverse as the automotive and chemical industries, production test, power plants, calibration laboratories, universities and research laboratories.

For more information, please click here

Klaas Vogel
Elsys Instruments
234 Cromwell Hill Road
Monroe, NY 10950

phone: 845-238-3933

Copyright © Elsys Instruments

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