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Home > Press > CEA-Leti, Grenoble Innovation Partners and AEPI At TechConnect World In Anaheim, Calif., June 21-24

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CEA-Leti, Grenoble Innovation Partners and AEPI At TechConnect World In Anaheim, Calif., June 21-24

Grenoble, France | Posted on June 21st, 2010

TechConnect World's mission to match "innovative solutions to real-world technology challenges" is borne out by a group of Grenoble (France) innovators, who will highlight their technological advances and detail opportunities to partner in France the week of June 21 in Anaheim.

· MEET with AEPI (the Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency) and Grenoble Innovation Partners* at booth 442 to learn about the technology-transfer office for over 200 labs and Grenoble incubators.

* Grenoble Innovation Partners includes GRAIN & PETALE, key components in technology transfer in the Grenoble area and the creation of highly innovative companies.


o A soft landing in Grenoble with Gilles Talbotier of GRAIN & PETALE

o Technology transfer with Jeanne Jordanov and the rest of the GRIP team

· DISCOVER the technologies of start-ups Valmat and 4D View Solutions and discuss opportunities at the GRIP booth or at the IP Partnering Summit.

o Valmat's presentation is Tuesday, June 22, at 1:20pm in Room 207C

o 4D View Solutions' presentation is Wednesday, June 23, at 2:45 p.m., in Room 207C

· UNDERSTAND CEA-Leti initiatives, the NanoVLSI Alliance with Caltech, and new opportunities to PARTNER with the renowned CEA-Leti at NanoTech, MicroTech, and BioNanoTech sessions.

o Tuesday, June 22, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 201D and Thursday, June 24, at 10 a.m. in Room 205AB.

Plan your schedule now!

Tuesday June 22

1 p.m. — TechConnect IP Partnering: Cleantech & Water

Room 207C

o Session chair: Armin Volkel, PARC, US

1:20 p.m. — Method and Device for Selective Etching

o Speaker: Stéphane Pédèche, GRAVIT (Valmat), Grenoble, France

1:30 p.m. session NanoTech/Microtech/BioNanotech (cross-listed)

Room 201D

Tracks: BioSensors, Diagnostics & Imaging/Fluidics & Healthcare
Symposium Chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
1:30 p.m. - Panel: Bio Sensors: Detection Technologies

Title: Liquid Phase Measurement Techniques for Bio Applications
Speaker: Hughes Metras, VP, CEA-Leti, Grenoble, France

Wednesday, June 23

2:15 p.m. session TechConnect IP Partnering: Cleantech Power, Storage & Efficiency

Room 207 C

Session chair: Patricia Ansems, Dow, US
2:45pm Real-Time 3D Video Capture system

Speaker: Gilles Talbotier for R. Broadbridge, 4D View Solutions, France

Thursday, June 24

9 a.m. session MicroTech session/MEMS, Sensors & Systems

Room 205 AB

Panel: MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration Approaches
Session Chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates
10 a.m. - Smart System Integration Trends in Europe through EPoSS: The European Technology Platform Initiative

Speaker: Hughes Metras, VP, CEA-Leti, Grenoble, FR


About CEA-Leti
CEA is a French research and technology public organisation, with activities in four main areas: energy, information technologies, healthcare technologies and defence and security. Within CEA, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-Leti) works with companies in order to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfers. CEA-Leti is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology and healthcare or photonics. Nanoelectronics and microsystems (MEMS) are at the core of its activities. As a major player in MINATEC campus, CEA-Leti operates 8,000-m² state-of-the-art clean rooms, on 24/7 mode, on 200mm and 300mm wafer standards. With 1,200 employees, CEA-Leti trains more than 150 Ph.D. students and hosts 200 assignees from partner companies. Strongly committed to the creation of value for the industry, CEA-Leti puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property and owns more than 1,500 patent families. For more information, visit

About AEPI
AEPI, the Grenoble-Isere, France, Economic Development Agency, provides complimentary information, introductions & services to assist companies to explore business opportunities in the Grenoble-Isère area of France, Europe's stellar center for research in micro- & nano-technology, nanobiotech & new energy technologies.

Grenoble is home to the MINATEC scientific campus, whose cornerstone is the CEA-Leti (Electronics & IT laboratory of the French Atomic Energy Commission), as well as many Grenoble-born high-tech start-ups.

AEPI can facilitate involvement in Minalogic (cluster for nanotechnologies & miniature intelligent solutions), Tenerrdis (cluster for solar energy, hydrogen & fuel cells, micro energy sources, nanomaterials, & smart energy management) and LyonBioPole (diagnostics, vaccines and new therapies). Competitive clusters offer opportunities for international companies to leverage funding for collaborative projects.

AEPI works closely with cluster anchor labs CEA-Leti, CEA-Liten/INES (Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies & Nanomaterials & the French National Solar Institute), & with other public & private partners in Grenoble.


About Grenoble Innovation Partners (GRIP)
Uniting GRAVIT, GRAIN & PETALE, Grenoble Innovation Partners serves as a window into innovation in the Grenoble/Rhone-Alpes region of France.

GRAVIT monitors technology from the Grenoble area‘s 200 labs, 9 major research

centers and 15,000 researchers. GRAVIT is a joint structure devoted to stimulating innovation based on research by sharing the means and the tools of its individual members located throughout the French Alpine area. Gravit’s aim is to produce proof of concept.


GRAIN (Grenoble-Alpes-Incubation), established in 1999, is a public incubator whose aim is to convert mature research projects into innovative start-ups. By the end of 2007, more than 70 young high-tech companies have been launched after being incubated at Grain, raising more than 50 M€ from venture capital.


PETALE, created in 2006, is a non-profit organization to coach start-ups after their creation and to provide assistance to international companies exploring a foothold in Grenoble.


Join them all at the Grenoble Innovation Fair (GIF) October 5-6, 2010

For more information, please click here

Thierry Bosc
+33 4 38 78 31 95

Contact: Sharon Rehbinder, Director, AEPI North America

AEPI - The Grenoble-Isere, France, Economic Development Agency/ AEPI - L'Agence d'Etude et de Promotion de l’Isère

2355 Westwood Blvd, #328, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Office: 310-473-2818
cell: 310-880-5968

Copyright © CEA-Leti

If you have a comment, please Contact us.

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