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Solution X is a new conductive ink additive that lowers the resistance of silver inks or conductive pastes by a factor of 4 times.

DMRPCB.COM announces the release of Solution X

Posted on September 16th, 2009

Solution X is a low cost Nano technology additive that when added to existing silver or other conductor inks will create a new super conductive ink, which is 4 times lower in resistance. A significantly lower resistance ink means you save up to 75 percent of your ink costs because you need less ink to create the same current caring abilities.

In the latest round of testing, Solution X lowered the resistance of three different manufactures silver inks to levels below the bulk resistance of copper. A back-to-back test of ink as supplied and with Solution X added showed between 3.5 to 5.2 times lower resistance. One silver ink as supplied measured 4 mohm/sq cm and was lowered to .8 mohms per sq cm with a one percent addition of Solution X.

The very small particles in Solution X do not effect solderability or adhesion, nor do they effect any silver ink property except to lower the resistance. The particle size in solution x is small enough to not effect printing methods such as silk screen printing or ink jet application of the silver inks. Solution X also works for other conductive metal inks, a simple test will determine compatibility.

Solution X is a unique combination of manufactured Nano sized particles that feature a ragged edge and very low resistance, the ragged edge of the 20 Nm particles allows it to find and lodge into the crevices between the silver inks Nano sized partials. Solution X partials have a bulk resistance of 100 S/cm to 500 S/cm when the Nano Solution X particles embed themselves inbetween two or more silver particles it effectively shorts out the higher resistance silver-to-silver connection. Extensive tests and modifications to the Nano particles were carried out to find the lowest resistance after combining with the silver inks by modifying the size of the particle and the size of the ragged edge. During the curing of the silver inks the ink constricts a small amount while sintering or curing. This shrinkage assists Solution X particles to further embed there small ragged edges in to the silver particles further lowering point contact resistance and over all resistance.


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