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August 10th, 2009

Campus science research focuses on neurodynamics, nanoscience

The University of Missouri - St. Louis campus features not only a variety of academic departments, but an array of institutes or centers that focus on interdisciplinary research, community services, and teaching in fields ranging from cultural to scientific.

Center for Nanoscience

The Center for Nanoscience focuses on practical applications for the science of the very small. It aims to advance "nanoscale" science and technology while contributing to the economic growth of the area.

"We want to try to build a presence of nanoscience, nanomedicine in St. Louis, that will draw together industry and laboratories like the Danforth Plant Sciences Center, the Botanical Garden the various colleges and universities, to foster practical applications and also the education of a work force" said Dr. George Gokel, CNS Associate Director of the CNS. The Director of the CNS is Dr. Jingyue "Jimmy" Liu.

In the science arena, there are three research centers: The Center for Neurodynamics, the Center for Nanoscience and Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center.

Each center has a different mission and fields but all extend the scope of campus research into the larger world. For some, the research takes place on campus at dedicated labs with specialized equipment but for others, it largely is done in places far away, out in the field.


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