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A continuous progress in the introduction of the new Nanofinish process family is reported by Ormecon:

Ormecon International proceeding with Nanofinish

Germany and China | Posted on August 23rd, 2008

* two customers of ggp Peters (a German PCB manufacturer) released the "Organic metal Nanofinish Top grade" as a replacement for ENIG as solderable surface finish; first small commercial orders have been placed, the first of which has been finished in Ormecon's Nanofinish line in China, the second one will be finished in ther German line;
* ggp Peters announced in the German PCB magazine "Plus" that their (horizontal) Nanofinish line with Ormecon Top grade chemicals will be started before end of 2008;
* production start for PCBs with OM Nanofinish Top Grade surface finish for Kontron AG is in preparation;
* in the meantime more than 80 Nanofinish evaluation projects are being undertaken by PCB manufacturers and OEMs, most of them for the "Top Grade" (which can replace ENIG and other surface finishes), and the CSN Nanofinish (the 0.35 µm thin Tin finish which can replace and outperform established ImSn which needs more than 1 µm);
* the first Tin nanofinish customer (a Chinese PCB manufacturer) is smoothly producing boards with a Sn thickness of even less than 0.2 µm (replacing an ENIG finish);
* a first OEM accepted to change the specification of the former ImSn finish from 1.05 µm Sn to 0.35 µm; Ormecon will achieve this new specification with the "OM CSN Nanofinish" process which allows for lead-free multiple soldering in spite of only 0.35 µm Sn thickness;
* Ormecon China is taking over the ImSn subcontracting service in Quan Yi Xing in Shajing / Shenzhen; in addition to a vertical ORMECON CSN line, a horizontal OM CSN Nanofinish line will be installed soon and will be able to run the Tin Nanofinish for subcontract services.

Additional basic scientific studies have been performed on the new OM Nanofinish and had been presented on a world conference on "Synthetic Metals" in Brazil.


About Ormecon International
ORMECON® is a synthetic polymer which displays metallic properties. At the same time it can also function as a catalyst and exhibits many further interesting properties.

Ormecon GmbH produces its product as a solid with 10 nm sized particles. For industrial application it is usually dispersed in different media, e.g. water, polar and non-polar organic solvents or even in other polymers. The particle size can be varied between 10 and 100 nm depending on application.

In this case, what is generally still considered by the public to be only a vision, has in fact become a reality:

Nanotechnology in industrial use

* solderable surface finish (>> ORMECON CSN, >> Organic Metal NANOFINISH)
* >> Electroluminescence
* >> Conductive Coatings
* >> Corrosion Protection
* >> Dispersions

For more information, please click here

Dr. Bernhard Wessling

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