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Home > Press > Bruker Introduces A Broad Range of New Life Science and Analytical High-Performance Systems and Innovative Solutions at Pittcon 2008

Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) today introduces numerous innovative high-performance systems and breakthrough solutions for life science and materials research, for molecular imaging research, for homeland security and environmental monitoring, as well as for applied and industrial analysis at Pittcon 2008.

Bruker Introduces A Broad Range of New Life Science and Analytical High-Performance Systems and Innovative Solutions at Pittcon 2008

NEW ORLEANS, LA | Posted on March 4th, 2008

Several new Bruker solutions are available for cutting-edge small molecule analysis in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as in academic and clinical research: the unique new Complete Molecular Confidence™ solution for small molecule analysis combines unambiguous on-the-fly SmartFormula™ 3D molecular formula determination by our new ESI-Qq-TOF mass spectrometer with automated structure verification by NMR. Similarly exciting, drug and metabolite tissue imaging at therapeutic dosing levels is now enabled by a novel high-performance MALDI-FTMS imaging platform. Moreover, the new FlashFormula™ NALDI-TOF solution allows very rapid, high-throughput small molecule detection and identification without time-consuming LC separations. Finally, the breakthrough X2S Crystal-to-Structure™ small molecule X-ray system for the first time allows chemists without crystallography training to obtain routine small molecule 3D structures under full automation.

Other major Bruker product introductions further enhance proteomics research: the new ETD II module for high-capacity spherical ion traps takes automatic PTM analysis to a new sensitivity level and protein mass range. The novel MALDI-TDS top-down solutions on high-end TOF/TOF systems facilitate drug development and quality control of biologics and now typically allow 100% sequence determination, C- and N-terminal assignments, and the determination of PEGylation sites and other modifications in recombinant proteins .

In materials research and industrial analysis, a novel benchtop TXRF (total reflection XRF) system for facile, low-cost ultra-trace elemental analysis may replace AA and ICP for many applications. The new G8 GALILEO™ ONH Combustion Analyzer is a result of our recent JUWE acquisition, and complements our new Q4 TASMAN™ spark-OES system, both for metals analysis.

For environmental monitoring and homeland security we offer several new FT-IR based systems for stand-off chemical agent and toxic industrial chemical detection, as well as a new, small and portable FT-IR system for the identification of suspicious or unknown powders.

Frank Laukien, Ph.D., President and CEO of Bruker Corporation, commented: "Our new product offerings and novel capabilities introduced at Pittcon 2008 will further enhance our life science and analytical systems business by providing many unmatched and truly innovative solutions to our customers. This year's exceptionally powerful line-up of new product introductions clearly demonstrates the spirit of innovation as well as the strong technical and market synergies of the various Bruker businesses, which have recently all been combined within Bruker Corporation. For our customers, some of our new enabling solutions arguably represent real breakthroughs:

* reliable, on-the-fly, unambiguous molecular formula determination for small molecules up to 1 kDalton in mass,
* automated push-button small molecule structure determination by chemists,
* pharmaceutical drug and metabolite tissue imaging at therapeutic dosing levels,
* automated, robust and exquisitely sensitive PTM discovery in proteomics, and
* easy and robust ultra-trace elemental analysis with portable TXRF instead of cumbersome AA or ICP with labor-intensive sample preparation.

For these pioneering novel solutions there has been an unmet need for many years and sometimes even decades. We believe that these solutions and their associated high-performance instruments bring ‘sample-to-answer' life-science and analytical systems to the next level."

Separate detailed trade journal and scientific press releases are available for all new Bruker products introduced and exhibited at Pittcon 2008:

Life Science Mass Spectrometry:

* New apex-ultra™ small molecule and drug imaging MALDI-FTMS solution with smartbeam™ laser technology for drug development, biological and clinical research, permitting drug and metabolite tissue imaging at therapeutic dosing levels,
* Next-generation micrOTOF™-Q II with new performance standards in fast, high resolution and accurate LC/MS/MS performance with the revolutionary SmartFormula 3D method for automated unambiguous molecular formula determination,
* Novel MALDI-TOF/TOF biotherapeutics analysis solution MALDI-TDS™ that allows top-down sequencing, PEGylation site and N/C-terminal assignments in protein drugs,
* ETD II module for the HCT-Ultra™ high capacity ion traps for ultra-sensitive analysis of PTMs, such as phosphorylations or glycosylations, up to 12 kDa proteins,
* New FlashFormula™ nanotechnology-assisted NALDI-TOF solution for rapid, high-throughput small molecule detection and identification without LC separations;

NMR and FT-IR Molecular Spectroscopy:

* new Complete Molecular Confidence™ solution for small molecule molecular formula determination by SmartFormula 3D followed by NMR automated structure verification,
* Avance™ III NanoBay compact NMR spectrometer for chemistry research and teaching,
* Expanded NMR Metabolic Profiling Database for identification and quantification of more than 500 metabolites in body fluids and metabolites of drugs and food ingredients,
* VERTEX 70v FT-IR spectrometer for research with vacuum operation,
* The new research-grade EM 27 and the new ruggedized HAWK FR for homeland security first responders are both open-path FT-IR spectrometers to observe air contamination, emissions from smoke stacks, waste disposal, accidents or terror threats.
* The new Mobile-IR is a compact, portable FT-IR with laboratory grade performance to identify hazardous substances for environmental, crime scene and security applications,
* The MultiRAM is an automated FT-Raman for research and routine analysis of organics and inorganics, such as nano-materials and pharma raw materials and formulations.
* The new Bruker Analytical Services offerings for the pharmaceutical, biotech and petroleum industries now include advanced FT-NMR, TD-NMR and FTIR;

X-ray, Spark-OES and Combustion Analysis:

* Revolutionary SMART X2S (Crystal-to-Structure), the world's first benchtop X-Ray crystallography system for fully automated 3D structure determination by chemists,
* Novel, robust and easy-to-use S2 PICOFOX benchtop TXRF System for trace elemental analysis in lieu of AA/ICP in pharma, geological, mining, environmental and food testing
* Novel D2 CRYSO™, a unique bench-top crystal orientation ED-XRD analyzer for the determination of lattice orientations in growing and processing single crystal materials,
* New G8 GALILEO ONH provides fast and precise determination of Carbon, Sulfur, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen by combustion analysis for steel plants and foundries,
* New Q4 TASMAN benchtop CCD-based spark OES offers simple routine handling, optimal analytical performance and cost effective operation with minimal maintenance.


About Bruker Corporation
As of February 26, 2008, the renamed Bruker Corporation has become the parent company of the entire Bruker group of companies. After the closing of the acquisition of the Bruker BioSpin Group, Bruker Corporation now operates in two segments, the life science and analytical (LSA) systems segment, and the international advanced superconductor (IAS) segment.

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Bruker Corporation
Michael Willett
+1-978-663-3660, ext. 1411
Investor and Public Relations Officer

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