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Biocompatible materials to comprise a $3.7 billion US market in 2010

Biocompatible Materials forecasts to 2010 & 2015

Navi Mumbai, India | Posted on December 22nd, 2007

US demand for biocompatible materials will increase 6.6 percent annually to $3.7 billion in 2010. Gains will match the overall upward pace of end-use product shipments as stricter FDA pre-market approval and production standards mandate the upgrading of materials used in medical and dental implants and drug delivery systems. Due to quality, performance and versatility advantages, synthetic and natural polymers will continue to dominate the overall market for biocompatible materials. However, metals and ceramics will continue to build niche opportunities in specialty devices and equipment such as orthopedic and dental implants, pacemaker and defibrillator components, and stents.
Synthetic biocompatible polymers to pace demand
Growth in the value of synthetic biocompatible polymers consumed in the production of medical products will reflect advances in bioabsorbable and biocompatible materials, which will broaden applications in high value-added products. In addition, specialty medical grades of commodity and engineered resins such as acrylic, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polypropylene will retain widespread usage in a variety of implants. Silicones, for example, will continue to serve high value-added applications in intraocular and contact lenses, pacemaker leads, cochlear implants and breast implant outer shells. Silicone is also building a number of specialty medical applications, including drug delivery systems, elastic stomach bands for obesity treatment, cochlear implant casings and urological slings.
In the biocompatible natural polymers segment, cellulose will remain the leading material used in controlled-release oral drug delivery systems based on overall cost effectiveness and improving performance properties. Advances in bioengineered formulations will promote the rapid growth of collagen in tissue and dental implants as well as craniomaxillofacial fixation devices. Among other natural biocompatible polymers, hyaluronic acid (HA) will provide the best sales opportunities.
A wide range of implantable medical and dental devices will continue to be composed partially or completely of specialty metals. Precious metals will sustain the largest value of demand based on high cost and widespread use in dental fillings. However, reflecting advantages of high strength, low modulus and body fluid resistance, titanium and titanium alloys will provide the best growth opportunities. For devices requiring greater flexibility, such as stents, stent grafts, mobile-bearing joint replacements and spinal fixation devices, nitinol, stainless steel and cobalt chromium will divide most demand.
Advances in nanotechnology will enhance the performance of biocompatible ceramics, extending their applications in orthopedic and dental implants. Within this group of biocompatible materials, new generations of alumina-zirconia nanocomposites are expected to provide the best growth prospects. Due to a high density structure, these nanocomposites have a great resistance to cracking. In orthopedic implants, the materials are expected to enable the development of hip replacements with a minimum product life of 30 years. This longevity will eliminate the need for revision procedures.
Table of Content
Executive Summary
Market Environment

Macroeconomic Environment
Demographic Outlook
Health Care Sector Outlook
National Health Expenditures
Health Care Facilities
Institutional Providers
Home Health Care
Medical Conditions & Procedures
Insurance & Funding Issues
Wheelchair Population
Industrial Sector Outlook
Industrial Production
Capital Spending
Leisure & Recreational Sector Outlook
Personal Mobility Device Market Trends
Pricing Trends
Legal & Regulatory Environment
Technological Trends
Manually Operated Devices
Powered Devices
Fuel Cells
Electronic Controls/Advanced Features
Advanced Personal Mobility Devices
Trends in US Foreign Trade
World Overview

Wheelchairs & Related Products
Standard Manual Wheelchairs
Lightweight Wheelchairs
Standard Powered Wheelchairs
Specialized Wheelchairs
Powered Scooters
Other Wheelchair-Related Products
Other Personal Mobility Devices
Golf Carts
In-Plant Personnel Carriers
Commercial Vehicles
Manlifts & Related Products

Health Care
Home Health Care
Leisure & Recreational
Golf Courses

Industry Composition & Market Share
Product Development & Manufacturing
Marketing & Distribution
Financial Issues & Requirements
Merger/Acquisition/Industry Restructuring
Company Profiles
List of Tables & Charts
Executive summary
1 Summary Table
Market Enviornment
1 Macroeconomic Environment
2 Resident Population by Age & Sex
3 National Health Expenditures
4 Medical Providers
5 Medical Conditions & Procedures
6 Wheelchair-Using Population
7 Manufacturers' Shipments by Industry
8 Fixed Investment by Type
9 Leisure & Recreational Indicators
10 Personal Mobility Devices Market Trends, 1995-2005
Cht Personal Mobility Devices Market Trends, 1996-2005
11 World Personal Mobility Devices Market
Cht Personal Mobility Devices Pricing Patterns
12 US Foreign Trade in Personal Mobility Devices
Cht US Personal Mobility Devices Imports by Country, 2005
Cht US Personal Mobility Devices Exports by Country, 2005

1 Personal Mobility Devices Supply & Demand
2 Wheelchairs & Related Products Supply & Demand
3 Wheelchair Demand Cht Wheelchairs & Related Products Demand by Type, 2005
Cht US Wheelchairs & Related Products
Market Share by Company, 2005
4 Standard Manual Wheelchairs Demand
5 Lightweight Wheelchairs Demand
6 Standard Powered Wheelchairs Demand
7 Specialized Wheelchairs Demand
8 Powered Scooters Demand
9 Lifts Demand
10 Other Wheelchair-Related Products Demand
11 Other Personal Mobility Devices Supply & Demand
Cht Other Personal Mobility Devices Demand by Type, 2005
Cht Other Personal Mobility Devices US
Market Share by Company, 2005
12 Golf Carts Demand
13 In-Plant Personnel
Carriers Demand
14 Utility Vehicles Demand
15 Commercial Vehicles Demand
16 Trams Demand
17 Manlifts/Related Products Demand


1 Personal Mobility Device Markets
Cht Personal Mobility Device Markets, 2005
2 Health Care Personal Mobility Devices Market by Type
Cht Health Care Personal Mobility
Devices Market by Type, 2005
3 Institutional Health Care Personal Mobility Devices Market
4 Home Health Care Personal
Mobility Devices Market by Product
5 Rehabilitative Health Care Personal Mobility Devices Market by Product
6 Leisure & Recreational Personal Mobility Devices Market by Setting
7 Golf Courses Personal Mobility Devices Market
8 Other Leisure/Recreational Personal Mobility Devices Market by Product
9 Industrial Personal Mobility Devices Market by Product
10 Commercial Personal Mobility Devices Market by Product
11 Other Personal Mobility Devices Markets by Product

1 Personal Mobility Device Revenues for Selected Manufacturers, 2005 Cht US Personal Mobility Devices Market Share by Company, 2005
2 Capital Spending Patterns: Selected Personal Mobility Device Firms
3 Composite Financial Ratios: Selected Personal Mobility Device Companies, 2005
4 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures


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