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Abstract: announces that a new market research report related to the world wide nanotechnology market is now available to its catalogue.

Emerging Trends and Forecasts in the Worldwide Nanotechnology Market

LYON, France | Posted on February 22nd, 2007

The World Nanotechnology Market (2006)

The report provides an updated and detailed overview of the Nanotechnology market worldwide. It examines the emerging trends in the industry and provides exclusive forecasts- product wise and application wise. It includes the snapshots of different players in the industry, R&D spending in various countries and studies the patents in this technology.

Key Findings

Market Size of the Nanoelectronics totaled to US$ 1,827 Million in 2005 and is forecasted to reach US$ 4,219 Million by the year 2010.

Nanofood market will soar with a CAGR 30.94% from 2006 to 2010 and will attain a market value of US$ 20.40 Billion by 2010.

The market for textiles using Nanotechnology will cross US$ 13.6 Billion mark by 2007. By 2012, the market is expected to reach US$ 115 Billion.

US market for Nanotech tools is projected to increase by nearly 30% per year through 2008 to US$ 900 Million, and then triple again to US$ 2.7 Billion in 2013.

US has the largest share of global investment in Nanotechnology. The US market had a share of 28% in 2005, followed by Japanese market with about 24% share. The western European market also had a quarter of the market share with major investment in countries like Germany, UK and France. Other countries like China, South Korea, Canada and Australia held the rest of the share.

Key Issues Addressed

Global outlook of Nanotechnology market.

Analysis of Nanotechnology market by various products and application areas, their market and growth prospects.

Key drivers, growth opportunities and challenges for Nanotechnology.

Update on the recent developments in Nanotechnology.

Snapshots of the key players in Nanotechnology.

Key Players Analyzed

This section provides the overview about the prominent players in the field of Nanotechnology like Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., Angstorm Medica, Aspen Aerogel, Cabot Corporation, Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials, General Nanotechnology, Nanomagnetics Limited, Nanospectra Biosciences, Quantum Dot Corporation and Zyvex Corporation.

Research Methodology

Information Sources

The information on Nanotechnology has been sourced from various means like books, newspapers, trade journals and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, by monitoring Industry news and developments and access to more than 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Method

Ratio Analysis, Historical Trend Analysis, Linear Regression Analysis using software tools, Judgmental Forecasting and Cause and Effect Analysis.

Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Industry Overview

3. Industry Performance

3.1 Current and Past Performance

3.1.1 R&D Expenditure

3.1.2 Nanotechnology Companies

3.1.3 Nanotechnology Patents Markets

3.1.4 National Policies for Nanotechnology

3.2 Nanotechnology Market by Components/Products

3.2.1 Nanomaterials, Particles and Tools

3.2.2 Nanocomposites: Nanoparticles, Nanoclays and Nanotubes

3.2.3 Inorganic Nanoporous and Microporous Adsorbents

3.2.4 Nanomagnetic Materials and Devices

3.2.5 Nanopatterning

3.2.6 Nanocatalysts

3.2.7 Nanofilms

3.2.8 Nanosensors

3.2.9 Nanotechnology Market by Region Americas United States Canada

3.2.10 Europe Germany France Netherlands United Kingdom

3.2.11 Asia Japan South Korea China Taiwan Australia India

3.3 Nanotechnology Market - By Key Verticals

3.3.1 Materials and Manufacturing

3.3.2 Textiles

3.3.3 Electronics Nanotools and Equipment for Electronics

3.3.4 Healthcare and Life-Sciences

3.3.5 Transportation

3.3.6 Consumer Products

3.3.7 Food

3.3.8 Defense

4. Key Drivers of Nanotechnology

5. Opportunities and Challenges

5.1 Opportunities

5.1.1 Manufacturing

5.1.2 Electronics

5.1.3 Medical

5.1.4 Cell Biology and Pathology

5.1.5 Construction

5.1.6 Energy

5.1.7 Agriculture

5.1.8 Space Exploration

5.1.9 Defense

5.1.10 Food

5.1.11 Quantum Computing

5.1.12 Cosmetics

5.2 Challenges

5.2.1 Cost

5.2.2 Lack of Adequate Training and Development

5.2.3 Environmental Issues

5.2.4 Code and Ethics Issue

5.2.5 Social Issues

5.2.6 Technical Challenges

5.2.7 Arm Race

6. Key Profiles

6.1 Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

6.2 Angstrom Medica, Inc.

6.3 Aspen Aerogel Inc.

6.4 Cabot Corporation

6.5 Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials

6.6 General Nanotechnology, Inc.

6.7 Nanomagnetics Limited

6.8 Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc.

6.9 Quantum Dot Corporation

6.10 Zyvex Corporation

List of Figures:

Figure 2-1: Worldwide - Nanotechnology Market (in Billion $), 2005, 2010E & 2015E

Figure 2-2: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanotechnology Industry Segmentation by Applications (%), 2015

Figure 2-3: US & Worldwide - Start-up Companies in Nanotechnology Industry (in Units), 2005

Figure 3-1: Worldwide - R&D Expenditure (%), 2005

Figure 3-2: Worldwide - Nanotechnology R&D Expenditure (in Billion US$), 2004 & 2005

Figure 3-3: Worldwide - Government Expenditure by Region (%), 2005

Figure 3-4: Worldwide - Nanotechnology Patent Trends (in Numbers), 2000-2005

Figure 3-5: Worldwide - Nanotechnology Patents by Country (%), 2003

Figure 3-6: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanomaterials Consumption (in Billion US$), 2006-2010

Figure 3-7: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanocomposite Market (in Million US$), 2006-2011

Figure 3-8: Worldwide - Nanocomposites Market by Application Area (%), 2005

Figure 3-9: Worldwide - Nanocomposites Consumption by Types (%), 2005

Figure 3-10: Worldwide - Forecast for Inorganic Nanoporous & Microporous Adsorbents Market (in Million US$), 2006-2009

Figure 3-11: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanomagnetic Materials and Devices Market (in Billion US$), 2006-2009

Figure 3-12: Worldwide - Nanomagnetic Products Market in Industrial Applications (in Million US$) 2003, 2004 & 2009E

Figure 3-13: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanopatterning Market (in Million US$), 2006-2010

Figure 3-14: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanocatalysts Market (in Billion US$), 2006-2009

Figure 3-15: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanofilms Market (in Million US$), 2006-2008

Figure 3-16: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanosensor Market (in Million US$), 2006-2009

Figure 3-17: Worldwide - Nanotechnology Investment Share (%), 2005

Figure 3-18: US - Nanotechnology Funding by Source (%), 2005

Figure 3-19: US - Federal Government Direct Funding (in Million US$), 2000-2005

Figure 3-20: US - Nanotech Tools Market (in Million US$), 2002, 2008E & 2013E

Figure 3-21: Canada - Number of Research Related Staff at National Institute of Nanotechnology (2006-2008)

Figure 3-22: Europe - Expenditure on Nanotechnology (in Million US$), 2005 & 2006

Figure 3-23: Europe - Public Funding (in Million US$), 2004

Figure 3-24: Europe - R&D Infrastructure by Activity (in Numbers), 2005

Figure 3-25: Asia - Government Nanotechnology Spending by Country (in Million US$), 2005

Figure 3-26: Japan - Government Budget for Nanotechnology (in Million US$), 2001-2005

Figure 3-27: Japan - Nanotechnology Funding Agencies and National Research Institutes, 2006

Figure 3-28: China - Nanotechnology Market (in Billion US$), 2005, 2010E & 2015E

Figure 3-29: Taiwan - Forecast for Nanoscience Production Value (in Billion US$), 2006-2012

Figure 3-30: Worldwide - MEMS Materials Market (in Million US$), 2005

Figure 3-31: Worldwide - Forecast for Textile Products Market using Nanotechnologies (in Billion US$), 2007-2012

Figure 3-32: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanoelectronics Market (in Billion US$), 2007, 2011 & 2015

Figure 3-33: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanomaterials Market (in Million US$), 2006-2010

Figure 3-34: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanotools and Equipment Market Size (in Million US$), 2006-2010

Figure 3-35: Worldwide - Market for Nanotechnology in Life-Sciences (in Million US$), 2004, 2005 & 2010E

Figure 3-36: Worldwide - Nanotechnology Market in Automotive Sector (in Million US$), 2000-2005

Figure 3-37: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanotechnology Market in Automotive Sector (in Billion US$), 2006-2015

Figure 3-38: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanotechnology Market for Consumer Products (in Billion US$), 2006-2010

Figure 3-39: Worldwide - Nanofood Market (in Billion US$), 2003 & 2005

Figure 3-40: Worldwide - Forecast for Nanofood Market (in Billion US$), 2006-2010

List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Worldwide - Corporate Expenditure by Region (in Billion US$), 2005

Table 3-2: Worldwide - Nanotechnology Startup Companies, 2005

Table 3-3: Worldwide - National Policies for Nanotechnology by Country

Table 3-4: Worldwide - Nanopatterning Tool, Template and Consumable Market by Technology (in Million US$), 2004, 2005 & 2010E

Table 3-5: US - Budget for Nanotechnology (in Million US$), 2001, 2005 & 2006

Table 3-6: US - National Nanotechnology Initiative Investments into Nanotechnology by Component Areas (in Million US$), 2006 & 2007

Table 3-7: Canada - Nanotechnology Developments by Provinces, 2006

Table 3-8: Germany - Nanotechnology Research Centers, 2005

Table 3-9: Germany - Nanotechnology Projects Public Funding (in Million US$), 2002-2005

Table 3-10: France - Nanotechnology Developments (1999-2002 & 2005)

Table 3-11: France - Nanotechnology Research Centers, 2005

Table 3-12: Netherlands - Nanotechnology Research Centers, 2005

Table 3-13: UK - Nanotechnology Research Centers, 2005

Table 3-14: Japan - Key Nanotechnology Financers, 2006

Table 3-15: Japan - Nanobio Projects Funding by Category (in Million US$), 2005

Table 3-16: South Korea - Nanotechnology Investment Plan (in Million US$), 2001-2004, 2005-2007 & 2008-2010

Table 3-17: Application Areas for Nanomaterials

Table 3-18: Application Areas for Nanotools and Equipments

Table 4-1: Government Support for Nanotechnology (in Million )

Table 4-2: Public Perception on Nanotechnology, 2005

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