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The Business Opportunity in Traditional and Alternative Energy Conference was the second public event between the Russian Business Incubator (RBI "FUTURUS") and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to promote innovations and business traffic between the two countries in traditional and alternative energy sector. Two big energy players of Russia, INTER RAO UES and EMAlliance, presented their R&D and manufacturing activities in traditional energy generation however expressed their interests in new technologies and innovations involving zero emission power, green and sustainable energy. On the other hand, one alternative energy player of Singapore, Alpha Biofuels, presented their R&D and manufacturing activities in converting liquid waste to biodiesel, making them the first local enterprise in Singapore to commercialize biodiesel.

August 23rd, 2009

Business Opportunity in Traditional and Alternative Energy Conference 2009

Taking place on 26 June 2009 at Singapore Business Federation, this half-day conference was the second public event organized jointly by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Russian Business Incubator "FUTURUS", as part of the bilateral cooperation initiative in promoting R&D and commercialization. The conference aims to showcase Russian technologies and businesses in the alternative energy industry. It also provides a forum to identify concrete collaborative areas for future development of business cooperation in traditional and green energy sectors between Russia and Singapore.

The conference was very informative and educational especially for Singapore based companies who are looking for opportunities of collaborating and having strategic partnership with Russian companies. RBI "FUTURUS" highlighted some strategic areas that will attract much collaboration between Singapore and Russia, such as efficiency enhancement in traditional energy utilization, heat and waste management, renewable energy source generation and quantum technologies.

The role of RBI "FUTURUS" in Singapore is to facilitate the increased volumes of innovative business traffic between Russia and Singapore, including R&D projects, innovations commercialization, supply of high technology and modern equipment, technologies, methodologies, and investment projects in various sectors. One of its clients, RUSNANO, has allocated up to 3 billion Euros for investing in commercialization projects in nanotechnologies. RBI "FUTURUS" is the RUSNANO representative in Singapore for projects search, terms negotiations, and assistance in preparing applications for RUSNANO financing.

The conference featured two companies from Russia, namely INTER RAO UES and EMAlliance, and a company from Singapore, Alpha Biofuels. These companies are all working in the same field, energy generation. INTER RAO UES is the principal exporter and importer of electric power in Russia while EMAlliance is mainly involved in boiler market, providing full scale engineering services from feasibility study to post guarantee service about boiler. Looking at possible strategic partnerships within South East Asia region, INTER RAO UES is interested in cooperation with owners of green energy and sustainable energy innovations and technologies. On the other hand, EMAlliance is interested in R&D of all types of integrated gasification technologies, all types of zero emission power (ZEP) technologies and nanotechnology for new materials, media cleaning, new fuels, new components and new processes.

In contrast to the two Russian companies, which are considered to be big players in their country, Alpha Biofuels is one example of successful Singapore start-ups involved in clean technology - renewable energy source, with carbon footprint conscious mind. Alpha Biofuels works by collecting liquid waste including the used vegetable oil from restaurants and homes and converting it to biodiesel to power vehicles. In 2007, it was the first local enterprise to produce and retail biodiesel B100 in Singapore. It is currently pursuing the development of anaeorobic digestion & ethanol production and algae photobioreactor.

To close the conference, a study on renewable energy conducted by Frost & Sullivan was presented. It identified that Asia is at tipping point for renewable energy where it is going from R&D to fast expansion. It also summarized the best technology opportunities owned by selected countries in Asia, barriers as well as the typical returns (IRR) for each technology.

Q & A session involving all presenters at the end of the conference

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