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Shiva Prasad Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO
Vi NanoTech

One of the oldest surface which is used for many purposes in every-day-life is Metal..... Nano coatings on Metal are now possible making the surface oil repellant, hydrophobic, and many such great properties...

July 28th, 2008

Nano on Metal Surface - Enjoy the freedom

It just happened the other day that we went shopping for perfect Kitchen fittings, just to make the life easier for those who spend a whole of a time in the kitchen dishing out the perfect dishes to suit every appetite….

Metal is an integral part of that shows up every where in the kitchen, especially in high tech days of today every things looks perfect….. But there is one good complaint….. Just guess what it is ….

Cleaning the metallic parts after a hard day's work on the cooking range or the exhaust mechanism which has got all the soils and oils is a back breaking exercise…. We found a new solution… take a Nano coating on the surface and see it make you enjoy the freedom from cleaning….

Also there are many metallic parts in an Automobile; most often it is very difficult to clean the inner and the layers of the Rim… Here too we have an answer… the same Nano Coat on a metal….

Nano coating on Metal

The Applications of metal come in various ways. In most of them the cleanliness becomes a very important one.

How Nanotechnology can help out?

We have seen that hydrophobic relation on metal surface will create much needed relief to the user not only in having Easy-to-Clean effect but also an environment friendly situation. Some of the Nano Products are water based, ultra thin, transparent particle free nano layer coating for Metal. They use molecular bonding to form a super-phobic coating. Thus they protect the surface from contamination and permanent etching stains. The coating protects metal surfaces against soiling and staining. This highly durable heat tolerant coating takes only a few seconds to apply.

The Nano product treatment is UV stable, food safe, resistant to solvents, and resistant to abrasion. They protect and preserve the metal without altering the natural color. Water runs off easily from the treated surface and dirt particles are washed off. The coating is highly durable and resistant to domestic solvents and abrasives. Results have found that the Nano Products are Ideal for Auto Rim, Steel, Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, silver, brass, copper etc.

India is a vast country; with multiple cultures and large population. I always felt that the population can used to create opportunities… Nanotechnology is an area which creates New Markets, New Opportunities and New products…

Auto-Rim looks clean with Nano coating

Some of the Applications on Metal that people in India will look forward to are as under:

• Economical
• Long lasting
• One component, easy to apply
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Super Phobic
• Heat resistant
• Weather resistant
• Protection against corrosion
• Protection against abrasion
• Acid and alkaline resistance
• Antimicrobial
• Resistant to solvents

With Nanotechnology promising Market Ready Products we will be able to bring in consumer surplus creating easy-to-clean effect…. Or more popularly the lotus effect…

Lotus Effect

The Nano coated Metal has created a great awareness among the manufacturers who are thirsting for a product of this nature which will take a great deal of easy-clean-effect to the end-users…

Kudos to Nanotechnology products for bringing this perfect bonding with Metal

Shiva Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

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