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Shiva Prasad Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO
Vi NanoTech

Nano Technology has brought with it wonderful products for having a easy-clean-effect on Ceramics creating a Stainless-environment...

May 20th, 2008

Ceramic and Nano - A Perfect Bonding

Just imagine the world with out Ceramics…. Surely it would not be the same so said an owner of a showroom selling different types of ceramic products for wide variety of applications… One thing he told me strikes me and may be I can share it in these columns…

Every one of us loves to hum to a song which we may like… and most of us would like to sing in privacy so that we are not caught unaware by our surroundings… And he said that he was looking at keeping the surroundings as clean as possible in that world where every one becomes a singer.

At last he says his wait may be over, and this introduction of a Nano Liquid which can bond very well on the ceramics making the surface repellent to usual stains and things like that which cause the fading away look is a great welcome to many of us who have been spending time to get the stains off and may be changing the products very often to bring back the stainless-look…

Application on a Ceramic

The Applications of Ceramics come in various ways. In most of them the cleanliness becomes a very important one.

How Nanotechnology can help out?

We have seen that hydrophobic relation on a ceramic will create much needed relief to the user not only in having Easy-to-Clean effect but also an environment friendly situation. Some of the Nano Products are water based, ultra thin, transparent particle free nano layer coating for ceramics. They use molecular bonding to form a super-phobic coating. Thus they protect the surface from contamination and permanent etching stains. Conventional repellent chemicals like Silicone and Teflon and Fluorocarbons are not necessary. They protect and preserve the ceramic without altering the natural color. Water runs off easily from the treated surface and dirt particles are washed off. They do not change the slip resistance of ceramic and therefore does not create a slippery surface. The coating is highly durable and resistant to domestic solvents and abrasives. Results have found that the Nano Products are ideal for Ceramic Baths, Wash Basins, Tiles with Glazed surfaces, Architectural Ceramics, Monuments …

India is a vast country; with multiple cultures and large population. I always felt that the population can used to create opportunities… Nanotechnology is an area which creates New Markets, New Opportunities and New products…

Some of the Applications on Ceramic that people in India will look forward to are as under:

• Economical & long lasting
• Easy to clean/self cleaning properties
• One component, easy to apply
• Environmentally friendly
• Saves maintenance costs
• Can be treated pre-installation
• Effective on old and new surfaces
• Highly chemical resistant
• Dirt and water repellent
• Hard water stains can be simply wiped off
• Excellent protection against acid rain
• Stops salt and calcium damaging glass
• No chemicals needed to remove contaminant
• Heat resistant and UV-Stable

With Nanotechnology promising Market Ready Products we will be able to bring in consumer surplus creating easy-to-clean effect…. Or more popularly the lotus effect…

Lotus Effect

A great positive response; the Nano coated Ceramic has created a great awareness among the manufacturers who are thirsting for a product of this nature which will take a great deal of easy-clean-effect to the end-users…

Kudos to Nanotechnology products for bringing this perfect bonding with Ceramics

Shiva Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

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