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Shiva Prasad Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO
Vi NanoTech

Stone has been a great creation since the beginning of man-kind. With advent of Nano Technology products and the recent STONA 2008 EXPO new possibilities have been brought to light which can create a great new beginning for every-day cleaning of this precious integral part of every life...

February 17th, 2008

STONANO a great "dream" ahead

STONA 2008 (International granites & Stone Fair) was truly great super market which displayed and demonstrated the unique range of colorful eye-catching natural stones, the capabilities of the Entrepreneurs, their capacity, and most modern and latest techniques in the art of stone working. It was a great treat to watch…

STONA 2008 witnessed hordes of visitors flocking in big numbers to the 8th International Granites & Stone Fair "STONA 2008". The 5 day fair organized here by the All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA).The fair featured more than 2000 stalls and over 500 exhibitors not only from India, but also from foreign countries including Turkey, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Russia and China. This is the largest show in Asia exclusively organized to exhibit exotic natural stones, marble, granite, tiles, slabs and blocks, special-shaped materials, stone-carved crafts, tomb stones, garden stones, artificial stone products, stone-mine exploitation equipments, polishers, stone processing machinery, crocuses and abrasives, chemical technologies & equipments for stone maintenance.

STONA 2008 Exhibition

I had the privilege of visiting this expo, the likes of which I had never seen in my life, being an IT and Telecom professional we never get to see the "reality of nature" which unfolds this way….

I came to believe that they are the real dream merchants who weave a great ‘"stone" in to every heart for the flooring, for the kitchen, the frontal showcase and many other likely and unlikely locations ever thought by mankind….

Stone has been an integral part of the mankind since many years starting with what best is described as "old stone age"… Remember reading about it in my son's text books while preparing him for his exams recently…. A thing of beauty is joy for ever and literally written on each of this stone.

What are we doing with Stone here in these columns…..?

Well as you all know the Nanotechnology which is a science of creating molecular utilities for every unbelievable area…. That is the relation that I would like to share with you when I was in this expo… It came out very clearly that the stone agents who create dreams for others were battling with how to keep the surfaces "not contaminated" with oils, acids etc… when it fell on them… for years they had been exposed to either "no solution" or a "chemical solution" as one of them quipped….

When they saw this product called Nano Liquid Glass which can be applied on the surface and yet retains all the color and other properties except the repellant to dust, water, oil, acids etc… they just couldn't believe their eyes… Yes it was too true and just happening ……

In short, it protects and preserves stone without altering the natural surface texture, color or slip resistance.

This product is resistant to abrasion and temperature changes, and cannot be removed by water, cleaning agents or high-pressure equipment. (Max 60bar) Treated surfaces are protected against salt efflorescence, show less micro-cracks, and a significant reduction in the formation of moss and algae.

It can be applied on Public buildings and facades in order to provide prolonged protection. Memorials and old buildings benefit from comprehensive protection and can be cleaned off with water alone.

It greatly extends the life of the treated surface. It is also an Environmentally Friendly product having won awards…

Hurrah… said one manufacturer who had a great export business which was in frontal stone arcades, supporting them with this product would make the user a happy man… Cleaning would be made easy and water would be the only cleaning agent…

Similarly the floorings, Kitchen Granites and many others could be just treated and showcased to make the maintenance easy with out using chemicals…

This product is ideal for Concrete, cement rendered concrete, sandstone, brickwork and natural, cast stones etc.

India is a vast country; with multiple cultures and large population. I always felt that the population can used to create opportunities… Nanotechnology is an area which creates New Markets, New Opportunities and New products…

Some of the Applications on Stone that people in India will look forward to are as under:

• Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly
• Easy to Apply & Handle
• Invisible & Breathable
• Water Repelling
• Dirt Reflecting
• Moss & Algae Rejecting
• Prevents Salt Efflorescence
• Reduces Micro-Cracks
• Weather & Friction Resistant
• Internal & External Use
• Graffiti protection possible
• Protection against aggressive environmental influences
• Hydrophobicity

With Nanotechnology promising Market Ready Products we will be able to bring in consumer surplus creating easy-to-clean effect…. Or more popularly the lotus effect…

Lotus effect

It is just a beginning; the STONA 2008 has created a great awareness among the manufacturers who are thirsting for a product of this nature which will take a great deal of easy-clean-effect to the end-users… As one of them said the home owners will jump at this solution as the kitchens can now be kept neat and tidy with out the marks left by the spillovers….

Kudos to AIGSA for bringing this Natural Reality

Shiva Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

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