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MS Macrosystem provides advanced 3D graphics for nanotechnology and nanometrology. The software features a unique set of interactive 3D measurement tools, available as Professional custom solutions and ActiveX components. These images are all as a result of 3D AFM / SPM ActiveX.

AxtiveX image Blood cells
Click for larger version.

Blood cells.
AxtiveX image DVD/CD
Click for larger version.

AxtiveX image HD MFM magnetic image
Click for larger version.

HD MFM magnetic image.
AxtiveX image Microspheres on mica
Click for larger version.

Microspheres on mica.
AxtiveX image Polimer AFM image
Click for larger version.

Polimer AFM image.
AxtiveX image SPM tip test: 3D measuring tools
Click for larger version.

SPM tip test: 3D measuring tools

Interactive 3D scientific visualization with real time rendering makes it easy to see the important features of the measured or calculated data. 3D Surface View is a powerful yet easy to use software with highly interactive environment, that helps user to analyze data quickly and accurately. Available as ActiveX ocx control, ActiveX exe server, and turnkey end user application. For R&D in the field of scanning microscopy (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, NSOM, etc.) as well as 3D Laser Beam measurement.

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