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November 2005 Nanotechnology Press Releases
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39 press releases posted this month

November 29th, 2005

First Inventory of Nanotech Environment & Health Research
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Preparing for Nano, Environment

Tool for low-temperature carbon nanotube growth starts trials
Possible Futures, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements, Tools, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

Carl Zeiss SMT, Calit2 Announce Nanotechnology Partnership
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Nanomedicine, Nanoelectronics, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Tools, Aerospace/Space

November 28th, 2005

Science and Society - Next Show

Nanotechnology lecture´s focus on flat-panel TV application
Possible Futures, Announcements, Academic/Education

Sarnoff To Commercialize ExxonMobil's Nano Materials
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

November 25th, 2005

Engineers create super compressible foam-like films
Possible Futures, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Nanotube foams flex and rebound with super compressibility
Possible Futures, Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

November 23rd, 2005

Nano Cluster Devices Announces Major Transaction
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

NJIT Study Shows Nanoparticles Could Damage Plant life
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Preparing for Nano

November 21st, 2005

$4 million in federal funding for UC Santa Cruz
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

Adriano Cavalcanti on Medical Nanorobotics Feasibility
Possible Futures, Nanomedicine, Announcements

November 18th, 2005

California artist Cris Orfescu to represent the US

Cheap Tubes announces price reduction for CNTs
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements

November 17th, 2005

Researchers Combine Nanotubes and Antibodies to Detect Cancer
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Nanomedicine, Announcements, Sensors

November 16th, 2005

Trends in Nanotechnology - TNT2006

BudgetSensors launches Chinese version Website
Announcements, Tools

November 14th, 2005

Singular ID Wins Nanochallenge
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Nanochallenge 2005
Nanomedicine, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Tools, Energy

QuantumSphere Receives Technology Innovation of the Year Award
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Science and Society - Next Show

Carbon nanotubes of the highest purity
Nanotubes/Buckyballs/Fullerenes/Nanorods, Announcements

November 10th, 2005

China: Moving from Laggard to Power Player in Nanotechnology
Announcements, Preparing for Nano

November 9th, 2005

QuantumSphere to Fundamentally Alter Battery and Fuel Cell Markets
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing, Energy

BudgetSensors™ signs agreement with NanoAndMore
Announcements, Tools

Dr. Ulrich Stepski appointed to Advisory Board
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements, Tools, Appointments/Promotions/New hires/Resignations/Deaths

Acrongenomics, Inc. Retains KGMC Group, LLC
Nanomedicine, Announcements, Tools

November 8th, 2005

EU funds Project on Computing Inside a Single Molecule
Nanoelectronics, Announcements

November 7th, 2005

Getting small has its advantages in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Products, Profiles, Announcements

Magic Trick with Gold and Glass
Possible Futures, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Science and Society - Next Show

November 4th, 2005

Toumaz Technology Secures Future Funding
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

Asylum Research Licenses Magnetic Actuated Cantilever Technology
Announcements, Tools, Patents/IP/Tech Transfer/Licensing

November 3rd, 2005

Improved Materials Dominate Chip Evolution
Chip Technology, Nanoelectronics, Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

Platypus Technologies closes third round
Investments/IPO's/Splits, Announcements

The Quantum Dot History Project
Materials/Metamaterials, Announcements

IEST presents new workshops at ESTECH 2006
Announcements, Academic/Education

"Scary" Article Counterpoints
Announcements, Molecular Nanotechnology

November 2nd, 2005

Nano Interface Technology chosen in 2005 Pitching Across America

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